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Jillian got over $250K from

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Hi, I’m Jillian. I have my own jewelry business. I use only the highest quality materials and gems to handcraft my designs. As my business started expanding, I needed to pay more for materials and also needed to bring on additional help to keep up with the demand.

I had decent credit, but my business was small and fairly new so lenders kept giving me the run around. I needed help and fast, or I was going to have to cancel orders because I didn’t have the materials and resources required to meet the demand.

I contacted Wholesale Shelf Corporations. They had a 5 year old company available for purchase. I bought it and within 24 hours I received my Articles of Incorporation, Tax ID, and public listings. Plus, I can now take advantage of the tax breaks that come with owning a corporation.

With ownership of this Shelf Corporation, I qualified for funding with no problem whatsoever. I got six credit cards, including an American Express and Bank of America cards… that exceeded $250,000!

That money helped me fill my orders and maintain the highest standards in materials and craftsmanship. Now, my business is stronger than ever. I’m so glad I found Wholesale Shelf Corporations!