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Refund Policy



Due to the intrinsic nature of the Product(s), the Product(s) and any associated Service(s) cannot be cancelled and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

When you purchase an Aged Corporation from us, you are purchasing a Corporate Entity that has been incorporated in the past, that is clean of liabilities, and that is in Good Standing with the Secretary of State in its State of Incorporation at the time it is delivered to you.  This is what we guarantee to you when you make your purchase and, for this reason, Aged Corporation Sales are considered Final and Non-Refundable. 

When a Corporation is purchased, we immediately transfer it into the name of the purchaser. This becomes a permanent record with the Secretary of State. Having a turnover of owners devalues the corporation and raises questions when lenders review it.

Partial Payment(s) towards the Purchase Price shall be considered as a Non-Refundable Deposit towards the Purchase Price in exchange for the reservation of the Corporate Entity(s) for a mutually agreed-upon period of time, which shall never exceed 30 Days. In the event this time period expires and the balance of the Purchase Price is not yet paid, you agree that your Partial Payment(s) shall become Store Credit, available for future use with us for a maximum period of 6 months, after which the store credit will expire.

The only situations when you would be eligible for a replacement or store credit would be if:

1.  Aged Corporation has existing Liabilities not disclosed to you: In this case, you agree to provide us with proof of such liabilities and allow us up to 14 Calendar Days to resolve any issues and clear such liabilities. If after 14 Calendar Days the liabilities are not cleared, you may request to exchange the Aged Corporation for another one that meets your Criteria or you may request store credit in the value of your Purchase Price.

2. Aged Corporation’s Incorporation Date is different and significantly younger than the Incorporation Date disclosed to you: In this case, you may request to exchange the Aged Corporation for another one that meets your Criteria or you may request store credit in the value of your Purchase Price.

3. You are not the purchaser, or the purchase was made in your name without your knowledge and permission. You need to file a police report of the identity theft and forward to us.


If you are not satisfied with any Optional Feature you purchased, you may request that the problem be corrected by providing us with written notice of the problem no later than 7 Calendar Days from the purchase date, and you shall allow us a maximum of 14 Calendar Days to correct the problem and provide you with a corrected deliverable. If after 14 Calendar Days the problem is not corrected, you may request store credit in the value of the Optional Feature.


Super Corp Websites, Logos, and Slogans are sold as is.  No complete redesigns or changes will be honored free of charge and are not eligible for any partial or complete refunds.


Work on your File will start once you submit your Setup Interview.


Your new Corporate Articles will be sent to you via both email and Certified Mail right after you make your purchase and eSign all Contracts and Disclosures sent to you.


There is a 5-Day Time Frame for delivering your Credit-Ready Features after your setup interview.  While we try to complete these as quickly as possible, the Corporate Article Transfer Process must be completed prior to us finalizing and completing any optional features including deliverables and Super Corp Features that will require information from your setup interview to be transferred. Further we cannot guarantee the turn-around time for any Features outside our total control which depend on a Third-Party to take some action.



  1. SETUP INTERVIEW REQUIRED WITHIN 24 HOURS: You are required to complete the Setup Interview on our website within 24 hours of making payment in order to ensure there are no delays in completing your order. If you delay in completing the setup interview, we will not be held responsible for such delays outside our control.
  2. PERSONAL CREDIT AND PERSONAL GUARANTEE REQUIRED: Although corporate credit and funding can be obtained from trade credit vendors and lenders without using your personal credit and personal guarantee, this type of funding is only possible after substantial corporate credit is obtained and used properly over a period of at least 6 to 12 months. For this reason, you should expect that all funding you will obtain in the first 6 to 12 months from the date you purchase the aged corporate entity will always require using your personal credit and personal guarantee.
  3. GOOD AND CLEAN PERSONAL CREDIT RECOMMENDED: There are no minimum credit scores as each Lender has its own separate Underwriting Matrix. If your Personal Credit is not perfect, you can purchase your Shelf Corp now to save money. We will then build the 80 Paydex Score for the Corp while you improve your Personal Credit situation.
  4. NO CREDIT REPAIR PROVIDED: We cannot assist you in the process of repairing credit issues. If your personal credit is not near the Ideal Personal Credit Profile explained above, we recommend you bring in someone who is as close as possible to the Ideal Personal Credit Profile to be the President of the Corporate Entity in order to achieve the best results.
  5. “CREDIT-READY” MEANS READY FOR CREDIT: Our Shelf Corporations are delivered to you with Time-In-Business (Age), in Good Standing, with an EIN #, a DUNS #, and with all the Credibility Features necessary to be able to apply for and obtain various types of Corporate Credit and Funding. “Credit-Ready” does NOT mean there are existing Tradelines on the Corporate Credit Report(s) (because if there were, it would be an existing operating business with unknown risks and liabilities, and not a Shelf Corporation).
  6. FUNDING CAPACITY IS NOT A GUARANTEED FUNDING AMOUNT: If a Funding Capacity is stated for any particular corporate entity, such capacity is a good faith discretionary estimate of the total amount of financing that can be obtained with the corporate entity assuming you meet or exceed the Ideal Personal Credit Profile explained above and aggressively pursue financing over several funding rounds (and not quickly on the 1st funding round).
  7. CORPORATE ENTITY PURCHASE SEPARATE FROM FUNDING RESULTS: The corporate entity purchase stands alone and is never tied to actual funding results you end up achieving. Any assistance we may provide with financing is treated as a completely separate service, completely separate and independent of the corporate entity purchase. You are not eligible for a refund based on what funding results you achieve or don’t achieve.
  8. 80 PAYDEX PROGRAM IS OPTIONAL AND TAKES 45 TO 60 DAYS: We can achieve an 80 Paydex Score or higher within 45 to 60 Days, assuming you follow our instructions in a timely manner. We do everything possible on your behalf in order to minimize your involvement in the process. You can go for Funding either before or after the 80 Paydex Program is complete – The choice is yours. However, beware that some of the Lenders you apply with may deny your applications specifically due to not having an 80 Paydex Score. For this reason, we always recommend that our Clients obtain the 80 Paydex Score before going to Funding, so that Funding Results can be maximized. The 45 to 60 day time frame is counted from the day the corporation setup process is 100% complete, including the foreign entity registration in your home state. The 80 Paydex Program does not include the cost of purchasing small-value items from the reporting vendors. Expect to spend an additional $250 (approximately) with trade credit vendors.
  9. NO GUARANTEE NOR PREDICTION OF FUNDING RESULTS: The purchase of a pre-established and aged corporate entity greatly facilitates the achievement of corporate credit and financing, but does not guarantee it. No one here can predict your funding results. Various factors, such as your personal credit scores and credit history, the availability of lenders based on your geographical location, the current economic climate, and your ability to follow-through on credit applications and approval requirements, are all factors outside our control and for that reason we legally cannot and therefore do not in any way guarantee any particular result for customers, whether we assist you in the process of obtaining financing or not. YOUR RESULTS WILL DEPEND ON VARIOUS FACTORS OUTSIDE OUR CONTROL AND CANNOT BE GUARANTEED NOR PREDICTED BY ANYONE.
  10. SHELF CORPORATIONS DO NOT HAVE BANK STATEMENTS NOR TAX RETURNS: Shelf Corporations by definition do not have any prior financial activity, because if they did, they would be a real operating business and not a Shelf Corporation. Shelf Corporations give you Instant-Time-In-Business and Credibility, but do not come with an EIN #, nor Bank Statements, nor Tax Returns, as that would indicate prior financial activity and result in unknown potential liabilities and problems which you want to avoid.
  11. FOREIGN ENTITY REGISTRATION IS RECOMMENDED IN MOST CASES BUT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE PRE-ESTABLISHED CORPORATE ENTITY: If the corporate entity being purchased is not from the same state that customer lives in, then customer should do a foreign entity registration in the state that customer lives in or has a real physical address, such as a real home or office. Using UPS Store, Regus, and other types of virtual office providers is not recommended, but can be used if better options are not available. Customer’s home address is typically the best address to use for the foreign entity registration. The cost of doing the foreign entity registration varies greatly from state to state, and can be as little as $50 in government fees to as high as several hundred dollars. This cost is not under our control. The foreign entity registration can easily be done by the customer or if preferred, can be done by us for $250 plus government fees. Time frame for completion of the foreign entity registration varies and can be anywhere from 1 day to several weeks, depending on the state and the current workload in that government dept. FOREIGN ENTITY REGISTRATION IS ALWAYS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO OPEN BANK ACCOUNTS AND OBTAIN FINANCING IN YOUR HOME STATE WHEN YOUR HOME STATE IS NOT THE SAME STATE AS THE INCORPORATION STATE OF THE CORPORATE ENTITY.
  12. AMENDED ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION/ORGANIZATION IS RECOMMENDED IN MOST CASES BUT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE PRE-ESTABLISHED CORPORATE ENTITY: It is beneficial, but not required, to have the Articles of Incorporation/Organization show your name instead of the name of the person who originally incorporated the Corporate Entity, as some Bank/Lenders may sometimes request to see your name on the Articles. This is achieved by ordering “Amended Articles” from the Secretary of State, which we can do for you for $250 plus the Fee charged by the Secretary of State, which is usually around $25 to $250, depending on the state the Corporate Entity is incorporated.
  13. CALIFORNIA CORPS ONLY: California Shelf Corp Prices are exclusive of Government Fees, which must be paid directly by Client to the California Secretary of State and total approximately $900 per Year of Age. The older the corporate entity, the more you will have to pay to the California Government.
  14. FLORIDA CORPS ONLY: Florida Shelf Corp Prices are exclusive of Government Fees, which must be paid directly by Client via Credit Card to the Florida Secretary of State and total $600 + $150 per Year of Age for Corps, and $100 + $138.75 per Year of Age for LLCs. The older the corporate entity, the more you will have to pay to the Florida Government.
  15. REGISTERED AGENT SERVICE IS FREE FOR 6 MONTHS: Having a Registered Agent is Required by law. If you live in the same state as the Shelf Corporation, then you can be your own registered agent and use your home or business physical address at no charge. Otherwise, you will be required to purchase Registered Agent Service. Our Registered Agent Service is charged at $29.16 per month, paid Yearly. Unless you cancel our Registered Agent Service at least 30 Days prior to the expiration of the Free 6-Month Period and hire another Registered Agent, the service will be automatically renewed for 1 Year and you will be sent an Invoice to pay online. Failure to pay for a Registered Agent will result in the suspension of the Corporate Entity by the Secretary of State.


If you purchased the optional 80 Paydex and Funding Program from, or if it was included with your Order, you must understand that you will need to pay a Success Fee on Approved Credit Facilities. Please read and understand the Terms below:

  1. You agree to pay us the Success Fee of 10% (Ten Percent) of the maximum credit limit or maximum gross loan amount of each credit facility approved with our assistance and understand that Success Fees are due within 3 business days after you receive access to funds. For Credit Card Approvals, we allow you to pay the Success Fee using the actual Credit Card(s) you receive in the mail. We may submit up to a Maximum of 15 Credit Applications for you and/or your Business to Lenders we select. Any additional Credit Applications will need your written authorization. We cannot guarantee that you will be approved for any particular amount of financing, or any financing at all. Results vary from Client to Client. We will not honor any request to limit, restrict, and/or exclude any Lender(s) or Financial Product(s) from our internal list of potential Lenders that we may submit your Credit Application to. By using our Service you are trusting our judgment in selecting all Lenders and Financial Products and understand that any applications submitted on your behalf will result in hard inquiries being made to one or more of the credit bureaus, and that we cannot know ahead of time which bureaus will be used.
  2. You must be actively involved in the application process and follow our instructions in a timely manner. We will always do as much as possible to save you time and facilitate the process for you, but there are certain things you will need to do yourself. You must be honest and tell us the truth about how much you are approved for with each lender, and you must be ready and willing to accept all the unsecured financing we obtain for you up to your requested maximum – whether it is a Loan, Line of Credit, or Credit Card, and you must not intentionally sabotage any Approvals we obtain for you by failing to provide information, failing to do verification calls, and/or declining Approvals.
  3. You must inform us of each lender’s approval or denial decision in a timely manner. You will do this by providing us with either an approval or denial letter from the lender within a maximum of 30 calendar days from each credit application’s submission date. If you fail to provide an Approval or Denial Letter within 30 Days, we will assume you were approved and funded and charge you the respective success fees. Any success fee that is past-due more than 30 calendar days will be sent to collections which will result in a collection account showing on your personal credit reports and other possible collection actions. All collection costs will be your responsibility and added to the amount due.
  4. Credit Facilities approved with our assistance are subject to adverse changes by the lender at any time after being approved. These possible adverse changes include but are not limited to credit limit reductions, interest rate increases, and account closure. We will not be held responsible for any such adverse changes that may occur after the credit facility’s initial approval.


  1. You authorize us to charge you credit card for the purchase price, and agree that if you decide to split this payment among more than one of your credit cards, that each of your credit cards may be charged without the need for additional authorizations, as long as the total charged does not exceed the purchase price.
  2. You certify that we have verified your credit card (front and back) and photo identification to confirm your identity, and that you are both the customer and the cardholder in this transaction.
  3. You accept the Product(s) provided for the Purchase Price as delivered in full as soon as the Articles of Incorporation/Organization are shipped to the billing address on your credit card account and the tracking number is provided to you via email. This shipping confirmation shall serve as final proof of the Product(s) being delivered to you satisfactorily, and as final proof that the amount charged has been fully earned.
  4. You understand that Partial Payment(s) towards the Purchase Price shall be considered as a Non-Refundable Deposit towards the Purchase Price in exchange for the reservation of the Corporate Entity(s) above for a mutually agreed-upon period of time, which shall never exceed 30 Days. In the event this time period expires and the balance of the Purchase Price is not yet paid, you agree that your Partial Payment(s) shall become Store Credit, available for future use with us for a maximum period of 6 months, after which the store credit will expire.
  5. You agree that due to the intrinsic nature of the Product(s), the Product(s) and any associated Service(s) (if any) that may be included with Product(s) cannot be cancelled and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Credit Card Fraud: What You Need To Know

There are 2 Types of Credit Card Fraud that we believe you should be aware of and here is how we can protect ourselves:

TYPE 1: Identity Theft

This happens when someone uses your Identity and your Credit Card without your Authorization. To prevent this, we have an FTC-Required “Know Your Customer” Identity Verification Process. Government Regulations require us verify the identity of each Client by obtaining a copy of the Client’s Photo Identification. We are also required by our Merchant Processor to obtain a copy of the Credit Card used to make this purchase, and make sure the name on the Credit Card matches the name on the Photo ID.

TYPE 2: Civil Theft

This happens when a Client purchases a Corporate Entity from us and subsequently calls their Credit Card Company and falsely claims that the Corporate Entity was never delivered, or that the Client was never involved in placing the Order with us in the first place, or some other false claim aimed at getting his Credit Card Company to return the funds to the Client at our expense, resulting in a situation where the Client received the Corporate Entity in full and on time, but effectively stole the Corporate Entity from us. This is called Civil Theft, and we will refer all such cases to a Collection Attorney in the Client’s Home State, and well as report to, and assist the FBI in prosecuting such Crimes.


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