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Alexandria Qualified for $167,000 in Unsecured Funding!

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Alexandria was not able to grow her business because it was young and unincorporated. After buying an aged, credit ready shelf corporation from, she had the credit history and the organization she needed to qualify for $167,000 in funding. Her business is now soaring, and she credits WholesaleShelfCorporation for providing what she needed;

“Through I was able to purchase a corporation that already had 3 years of credit history. I quickly integrated that corporation with my pasta packaging business and was able to bump up my credit score significantly. Then, I reapplied for those loans I had been denied for before using my new and improved credit score. The Corporation came with IRS registration, an Employee Identification Number, registration with the Secretary of State, corporate books, consulting with an attorney, a web site, marketing registrations on social media sites – so much more!”

The folks at WSC really knew what I needed, and the cost was so much less than if I had gone out, hired an attorney, a web designer, an corporate accountant to set up everything and ran all over town coordinating everything. WholesaleShelfCorporations was safe, fast and really valuable for me and my family.