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Nominee Officer Service for Complete Privacy and Asset Protection (Yearly)


Turn-Around Time: 10 Days
Price: $2,999/year

Get somebody to be the Officer of Record for the Aged Corporation, so that your Name does not show up on any Public Records. This is Very Important for Asset Protection Strategies where you are trying to keep your Assets Anonymous and under the radar. By using a Nominee Officer, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to know that you are involved in any way with the Aged Corporation you purchase and the assets you might want to transfer into it. If your Goal is Privacy then this is a MUST-HAVE Feature, but beware that it is not a good option if your Goal is to obtain Credit and Financing.


We can take a look at your current situation and recommend the BEST possible Aged Corporation that will achieve your Goals at the Lowest Possible Cost. We handle the Funding for you. No Minimum Credit Scores Required. Get your situation analyzed now - It's FREE!

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