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Foreign Entity Registration Application in your Home State (Government Fees **NOT** Included)


Turn-Around Time: 72h
Price: $250

So, your Aged Corp is not from the same State you live in? Don’t worry, your Aged Corp can be legally allowed to operate in ANY State of the Country, with no restrictions whatsoever. For example, Walmart was originally incorporated in Delaware in 1969 but is legally registered to operate in all the States in the Country. How can they do that? Simple, it’s called a “Foreign Entity Registration”, and it’s just a Form that can be filed with the State you want to operate in that authorizes your Corporation to operate in that State. By doing a Foreign Entity Registration in the State where you live, you can operate your Aged Corp in your State, open Bank Accounts in your State, and get Financing in your State, just as if you were originally incorporated in your State, all without losing the Aged Corp’s original incorporation date.


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